Is your home your castle? Or is it 'almost' perfect? Would it be just right if there were just a few slight alterations? Should you sell your home and move to a property that perfectly fits the bill? Or should you renovate the property that you are in to make it work for you?

You have probably heard agents saying, "We have a database of qualified buyers" in their pitch. So what? Why is it important? What does it mean to 'qualify' a buyer?

It is completely normal, expected almost, to offer a cup of tea, sit down and get to know each other when someone visits. But how much should you get to know your viewers?

There are so many elements to selling your home. It can seem like you have taken on another full-time job sometimes. But don't despair. There is a simple solution.

I think that we can all agree - moving home is expensive. There are so many costs that it is almost impossible to keep track. So, what costs do you need to consider before putting your home up for sale?

When you put your home on the market, why not try to keep up with the newest trends so that your property stands out from the crowd and attracts the attention of your buyers?

Freshly baked bread? Ground coffee brewing? What should your home smell like to ensure your viewers make an offer?!

You have probably got a room or somewhere in your home that you don't really have a use for. Somewhere that you leave things until you know where to put them. Unfortunately, that area becomes the home for this random collection of things. Just imagine if you could utilise this space to make your home irresistible to buyers?

Buying a home is one of the most significant investments that you will ever make. Yet, the average property viewing is only around 20 minutes long. Just 20 minutes!

You have had to find a hefty deposit, as well as a legal bill of at least £1000. Not to mention Stamp duty land tax. So when you have to pay for a valuation, it is easy to see why many choose the cheapest option possible. But would you buy a car if it didn't have a valid MOT or warranty??

If you have your home on the market, you will probably have received several letters or leaflets from competing estate agencies. They may well have made promises about the number of interested people they have looking for a property exactly like yours. So what should you do??

When faced with a direct question, the human brain doesn't have time to think of a response and will simply tell the truth. You could end up giving away your bottom price without realising it! Here is what you should do if your viewer tries to talk money at the viewing.